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Yes, you can. If you go to "Help" menu in GIMP (2.8), and click on "About",
then Click the "Licence"  it says you can use GIMP however you like under
the terms of the GNU GPL ver 3 or later.

Documentation is here, for your legal staff:

For a logo, however, I recommend using a program called "Inkscape", since
in general, you want a professional logo to be scalable vector format.

Inkscape is also FOSS software usable for commercial purposes under the GNU

Get it from:

You can also use GIMP for the design, and then convert it to vector with
Inkscape, or with the help of a professional graphic designer, such as
myself (I use GIMP/Inkscape for all my professional logo work). :D

Good luck!


On Mon, May 26, 2014 at 1:23 PM, Anna Alia Algawam <alia algawam bgtour pl>

To Whom It May Concern,

Excuse me if I address it to the wrong person, which I probably do. I am
representing a tour operator company registered in Poland. We want to
create our
logo via Glimp. We want to use it later wherever posible including all
means for commercial use. COuld you please confirm we are allowed to do
so, if
not, indicate us please which criteria should we fulfil to be able to use
for logo ?


Anna Alia Algawam
Project Manager

Blue Green Tour sp. z o.o.
Chmielna 11, 1st. floor
00-021 Warsaw

Office : +48226572279
Fax. : +48226927462
Mobile : +48 696434645

E-mail : alia algawam bgtour pl
Inquiry : bgtour bgtour pl
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