Re: [Gimp-developer] Getting contributors via OpenHatch

Jehan Pagès writes:
Well yes, I get that. But these people who "want to make", in the end,
they still have to deal with us, not OpenHatch. What's the difference
between going directly to us rather than going through a third party?
Anyway maybe there is a point I miss. Future will tell us. Maybe that
will be good for GIMP, who knows?

One difference: OpenHatch is explicitly oriented toward teaching and
mentoring.  If someone comes to OpenHatch and gets matched with
someone who has signed up to be a GIMP mentor, the new person
doesn't have to worry that they're pestering someone or dragging
them away from projects they'd rather be doing.

Another difference: in the discussion on #openhatch the other day,
someone asked if they might use GIMP as one of the programs in
workshops they give, where they help teach people how to contribute
to open source, then have hack sessions where groups of students get
together and work on fixing bugs in the chosen projects. So they can
both support each other, and get help from an experienced tutor.

I don't have any firsthand experience with OpenHatch workshops, but
they sure sound like they'd be helpful both to would-be contributors
and to the project.


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