Re: [Gimp-developer] Blend Tool UI


first of all thank you for your efforts and the posting.
In general I like the ideas.

On  23.6.2014 at 5:31 AM Michael Henning wrote:
I'd like to make some incremental improvements to the blend tool. On
IRC, Alexandre suggested to get the UI team involved, so I'm looking
for feedback/advice from the UI team.

The UI team sits in Berlin and is named Peter Sikking ;-)
You might have luck by sending him an e-mail.

Here are my general plans:

  * I'd like to make the blend tool generally more interactive. By
this, I mean that after the user has created a gradient, they will be
presented with handles that they can use to modify the endpoints of
the gradient before committing their changes.

  * I'd also like to add a live preview to the blend tool so users can
preview the gradient and experiment with different options, before
committing their changes.

  * I'm also planning to add undo support within the tool.

That's all fine!

  * The general consensus within the dev team seems to be that the
shapebursts (all of the gradient types currently marked "shaped")
should be moved out of the blend tool. They would likely be moved into
either a menu item, or (maybe?) within the fill tool.

I only remember a conversation between you and Mitch in IRC. To get a
general consensus this place seems more suitable (thank you Alex).

Do you mean all shapes in the tool's options or only those whose name
starts with 'Shaped'?

Why should they be moved out of the Blend tool?

As we are just improving this tool's interaction, there are some
evaluation notes as input for our work:

I could not find any specs nor at a glance any open, influencing bugs.

Kind regards,


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