Re: [Gimp-developer] Blend Tool UI

On 23 June 2014 00:31, Michael Henning <drawoc darkrefraction com> wrote:
I'd like to make some incremental improvements to the blend tool. On
IRC, Alexandre suggested to get the UI team involved, so I'm looking
for feedback/advice from the UI team.

Here are my general plans:

 * I'd like to make the blend tool generally more interactive. By
this, I mean that after the user has created a gradient, they will be
presented with handles that they can use to modify the endpoints of
the gradient before committing their changes.

I don't quite nderstand what you mean by "commiting changes" - as of
now, gradients as all GIMP assts are all updated in realtime - You
move a handle, that is the valid value for that gradient right now,
for all purposes: that is, you make a move, you "commit" it.

Having undo and redo steps on possible on the gradient window would be great,

 * I'd also like to add a live preview to the blend tool so users can
preview the gradient and experiment with different options, before
committing their changes.

You mean a radial and square previews, beyond the existing linear preview?

 * I'm also planning to add undo support within the tool.

Yes - that would be great! I guess you mean within the "gradient editor dialog",
not for the blending tool itself.

 * The general consensus within the dev team seems to be that the
shapebursts (all of the gradient types currently marked "shaped")
should be moved out of the blend tool. They would likely be moved into
either a menu item, or (maybe?) within the fill tool.

Not sure. One thing they lack is more control: the offset shuldbe vaid
for them -
otherwise, when using these in a workflow, I think of different
shaopes for the blending tool, not
anything else.
The fact that they currently take no advantage on the point one click,
to the point one drag is more
motive to improve on that, within the blending tool, than to turn then
into dumb menu entries, I think.

However,a "shape fill" tool, which could not only fill an area with a
gradient, but also with a pattern
(a selection copied from somewhere else) would be great. Then,
gradient shapes could be aggregated there, and GIMP would finally
match the feature which was present in 1986's Deluxe Paint .

But again: I don't think moving it out of the blending shape options,
just for ding so, is a nice idea.


Any thoughts?

   -- drawoc
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