Re: [Gimp-developer] How to call gimp_export_image() from Pythonplugin

"GIO is a file access library and part of GLib." -

GIR is "(GObject Introspection Repository)" -

GIR is something that GIMP will fully support when someone gets around to it - currently I've volunteered to be that guy.


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What is GIO?

It stands for "Gobject Introspection O<forgot>"

It is a framework to,in a more or less automated form, expose C functions and
gobject based classes to various languages - including Python.

The Python bindings for gtk+3.0 , ofr example, are GIO based -
in this way, one does not have to re-especify every function or class
one wants to expose to other languages in  a manually written C
(or other configuration) file.

Pygimp today has C modules which have to create Python objects that mimic
GIMP objects, and all manipulations of these objects are wrapped by
methods exposed
to Python which in turn call one of the libgimp functions.

With GIO, all libgimp functions could be called directly, and what we
would need is an order of magnitude simpler implementation of the
objects, directly in Python.

I am working on such a layer for GEGL, for example -


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