[Gimp-developer] How to call gimp_export_image() from Python plugin


I'm trying to write export plugin for custom image format in Python.

Looking at plugins implemented in C, e.g. gimp/plug-ins/file-bmp/bmp.c, and docs (http://developer.gimp.org/api/2.0/libgimp/libgimp-gimpexport.html) I see, that best and recommended way to convert user image to single layer image with proper capabilities is by using gimp_export_image() function.

How gimp_export_image() can be called from Python?

I can't find it exported Python modules and looks like it's not accessible via PDB either.

If it's not available, can you advice proper alternative? Should I report missing gimp_export_image() function in bug tracker?

Thanks in advance,

Vladimir Rutsky

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