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Damn, good work!

-----Original Message----- From: Joao S. O. Bueno
Sent: Friday, June 20, 2014 10:09 PM
To: Ed .
Cc: Vladimir Rutsky ; gimp-developer

I've worked on implementing this on top of GIMP master -

The near 300 line "gimp_export_image"  is big because it has to handle all
possible exporting-plug-in capabilities. The most shortening cut there is that
if you do the tests yourself, you already know your file format
capabilites, while
the function has to take care of all possible capabilities against all possible
image states.

Moreover, the C function is unaware of Layer Groups - which are relevant
as an export capability, and I think the feature to detect/export based on
the "...CAN_HANDLE_MASKS"  capability is currently broken anyway.
That is for GIMP 2.8. If this function call remains undeprecated in GIMP 2.10, it will also have to take care of image precision, which it currently ignores.

Anyway, now one can use
gimp.export_image (...) and gimp.export_dialog from Python in GIMP master.

I will leave to others to judge whether this should be backported to
2.8. As I see it,
it is less useful than recreating what would be its job in the
Python-plugin side, since
it is broken anyway (regarding layer groups and masks).


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