Re: [Gimp-developer] How to deal with UI string changes?

On Tue, Jul 29, 2014 at 10:14:07AM +0200, scl wrote:

I came across some UI strings that are either
not or incorrectly translated in 2.8.
They range from single strings to a whole dialog.

Which strings and in which language, more specific please...

What are we supposed to do with them?
Leave them in their wrong state in 2.8 or
correct these bugs in 2.8 because nobody knows
when 2.10 will be finally out?

If you found that the strings are wrong and you think you know how
to correct those strings then you can either:

 - correct them right away or
 - file a bug

what's the problem?

You (we) can also try to contact last translators to exhort to update the
translations but I think this is better done just (a couple of
weeks? a month? We should leave the translators enough time to update...)
before that comes out the new version. I think this should be done
_every_ time that a new version is ready (string freeze). I do not
know if this procedure is already in place...

I personally am for the latter alternative
because I consider them as bugs.

I think too that it is a bug.


- consider that this is just an (my) opinion of a (translator) non-developer...
- forgive my bad english


Marco Ciampa

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