Re: [Gimp-developer] Transform tools usability problem

El sáb, 19-07-2014 a las 00:47 -0300, Gez escribió:

I even raised again the issue a couple of days ago on the IRC channel
because at some point the ability to turn off the layer visibility
while using the transform tool was lost (It's back).

...It's not back.
I just noticed that if the layer visibility is turned off after invoking
the transform tool, the transformation can't be commited (applying the
transform results in the unmodified layer).
I'm not sure why this has changed, but it's a step backwards. Now the
workaround of turning off the layer visibility can only be used if the
layer is turned on again before commiting the transform, otherwise
nothing happens.
And visibility of the layer can only be turned off after the transform
tool is invoked, if the layer is not visible the transform tool does
nothing (this is a reasonable behavior, a layer with the visibility
turned off shouldn't be affected).

I'm not saying that the new behavior doesn't make sense in the big
picture, but until there's a method for temporarily hiding the original
layer when it's transformed the changes introduced prevent users from
using the only possible workaround when the original gets in the middle.


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