Re: [Gimp-developer] Transform tools usability problem

El vie, 18-07-2014 a las 15:34 +0200, Przemyslaw Golab escribió:
Hello :)

I would like to expose one very annoying work-flow problem with transform tools.

When you edit your region with transform tools the previous state of
pixels is displayed at the same time with newly transformed ones.
It often gets in a way of my transforms, it makes hard to evaluate if
new transformation is correct because old one covers region that I
would like to, for example, see exposed.

I feel you...
As Alexandre said, it was discussed before. I even raised again the
issue a couple of days ago on the IRC channel because at some point the
ability to turn off the layer visibility while using the transform tool
was lost (It's back).
This has been one of my pet-peeves with GIMP when using the transform
tools since I started using it, and although sometimes it comes handy to
have a reference of the original layer when transforming, most of the
times it gets in the middle, covering the references you need to perform
the transform in context (due to the nature of bitmap editing, it's more
common to import large layers and scale them down than importing small
layers and scale them up, so the large layer covering the composite is a
really common scenario when editing).

When I raised this issue on the IRC channel the last time, pippin told
me that in a future all the preview hacks of transform tools eventually
will go away.
That's great, but meanwhile it would be nice if the current hacks are
tweaked a little to avoid this annoying problem. I'm not asking for a
full-fledged solution, just turning off the visibility of the layer when
the transform overlay is drawn and turning it back on when the transform
is commited would suffice.


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