[Gimp-developer] Transform tools usability problem

Hello :)

I would like to expose one very annoying work-flow problem with transform tools.

When you edit your region with transform tools the previous state of
pixels is displayed at the same time with newly transformed ones.
It often gets in a way of my transforms, it makes hard to evaluate if
new transformation is correct because old one covers region that I
would like to, for example, see exposed.

Image to visualise one of my problems with current behaviour:

I want to change size of a tree testing many possible sizes and
stretches but original pixels clutter my view, so it's hard for me to
evaluate if I like new look or not.

I'm not sure if displaying not transformed pixels is useful at all I
personally can't find use case for it, but if someone would like to
keep this behaviour I would propose to make it option in tool settings
dialogue. With display of original pixels turned OFF by default.

I have this problem often, for now I found hackish workaround by
transforming my region and turning off layer display, so only preview
is visible. But if I want to apply my new transform I have to turn on
layer again, or it will fail and my transforms are lost, which

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