Re: [Gimp-developer] Kickstarter

25.02.2014 12:43, Alexandre Prokoudine пишет:
However, my attempt had not so much result:
Without proper media support? Sorry to be blunt, but that was only to
be expected.

I had sent that to gimp mailing list. Since gimp contributors is here,
they was able to see that. What more media support is required?

It is not about media support of my personal case. It is about support
from Gimp project for such possibility to pay for "bugfixes". The
problem is that users don't know, that it is possible to pay for feature
request, and developers don't know where they can find users, that want
to pay them.

You at the Gimp project can announce, that you will look at bountysource
and similar platforms to accept paid request. That would be sufficient
support, i think. If that announce will go to tech news web sites, it
can even attract some interested people and some resources.

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