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I am warry about to use Publican.

Publican prohibits to use <link linkend="...">WORD(S)</link> tag
then allows <xref linkend="..."/> tag only for internal hyperlink.
(xreflabel is also disallowed.)

That means we need revise whole text so that each targeted section
has a <title>.  In much cases on our document, we use <link> with
verb/noun for representing an action, a filter, or a tool of GIMP
instead of using its title in the reference section.  To replace it
with <xref>, almost links may be reformed in 'see also' style,
because it cannot be replaced with other adjusted phrase for inline
context at referring text.

I presume some translators may unwelcome this restriction especially
for languages that have conjugation and/or declension, when <xref>
tag happens in the middle of text structure.

If this rule does not make any matters for you, Publican may be the
best choice.

RyoTa SimaMoto <liangtai s16 gmail com>

2014-02-05, Roman Joost <romanofski gimp org>:

I've put together a Roadmap proposal under:

Any feedback is welcome. Some of the points are not to be read as: go
ahead and implement, but rather look into it for it's feasibility.

If there are no objections or comments I'd basically call the roadmap
silently as accepted. For each point I think it'll be good to create
bugs so we can track progress.

Kind Regards,
Roman Joost
email: romanofski gimp org
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