Re: [Gimp-developer] Gimp Manual Roadmap proposal

Hi Roman -
when you talk about a "3.0" manual version in "3.0" - I am with the
impression that the
purposed changes would take place before GIMP 3.0 itself (as the next version
shall be 2.10)

So - it looks like the purposed version numbering would dissociate the
manual version from GIMP's version - is that so?  I think that might
be confusing - although on a second thought it could be
a manageable confusion, if it is clearly specified, inv arious places, that,
for example, gimp-help-2 "3.0" refers to "gimp-2.10" .

(As for the idea of going github I am of the same opinion as Jehan.
We could put a mirror ("fork" in github parlor) there - but the
authoritative repository
should, by the reasons listed and maybe some more,
be kept in the gnome infrastructure).



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