Re: [Gimp-developer] How Does One Call An Existing PDB Procedure From A C Plug-in?

stormy franchise5000 com (stormy franchise5000 com) wrote:
How do I access existing PDB procedures from a C plug-in? I'm very
familiar with how this is done in Scheme & Python. I'm confused on how
this is accomplished in C.

Look for "gimp_run_procedure".

One example is in file-ico.c:

    return_vals =
      gimp_run_procedure ("plug-in-threshold-alpha", &n_return_vals,
                          GIMP_PDB_INT32, GIMP_RUN_NONINTERACTIVE,
                          GIMP_PDB_IMAGE, tmp_image,
                          GIMP_PDB_DRAWABLE, tmp_layer,
                          GIMP_PDB_INT32, ICO_ALPHA_THRESHOLD,
    gimp_destroy_params (return_vals, n_return_vals);

I hope this helps.


              simon budig de    

Thank you. That is very helpful.


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