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On Tue, Feb 4, 2014 at 11:05 AM, Alexandre Prokoudine
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It appears that I've got myself into administrating GSoC this year,
with schumaml being backup admin :)

I know that Jehan was interested in being a mentor, and I guess that
mitch will be joining the fun, but I'm not sure that the idea of
meta-mentors will be seen by Google all that appealing. So I'd like to
get a better understanding where we stand:

1) who is willing and will realistically be able to do the job of a mentor;
2) who is willing and will realistically be able to stick around and
be a backup mentor.

Here's the GSoC timeline for you to check against your personal one:

I definitely want to do it seriously, but I realize that it starts way
sooner than I thought.
Basically I will be more settled from end of May. Before that, my
schedule and my internet time will be limited, just like now. It still
means that I will read all my emails and will answer them. But it may
mean that my response time can be a few days (like it is currently).
From end of May though, I can be a full time geek again with its own
Internet connection, through all summer.

How would such a thing work with gsoc? Is it acceptable?

Just in case, we will be accepting project ideas for both GIMP and GEGL.

On my side, I would concentrate on GIMP side.
There are many things that can be improved in GIMP, with or without a
GEGL piece too, and I definitely can propose and mentor various


An official announcement that we are submitting an application to
participate at GSoC again will be sent later.

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