[Gimp-developer] Changes in developer websites


the last weeks I've spent with changes to our developer websites.

I've integrated most of the contents from developer.gimp.org
into our [developer wiki].
The main reason is to have all developer related information
in one single place to ease finding the right information
and let new contributors get started quicklier.

In the wiki you find much contributor related information,
such as
- the roadmap with our plans for the near future,
- build tutorials,
- a developer FAQ,
- the GEGL and GIO porting matrices,
- a brand new developer glossary
and more... It was collected and written down by many
contributors over the time.

The glossary I mentioned last shall collect all terms
we developers need to know about functional requirements,
computer graphics, color science, babl and GEGL.
I've come a long way with it, but surely there
will be the one or another point missing.
So, if you find something missing or in need of
correction, feel free to tell us. Elle Stone and
and me are looking forward for your input!
I'd like to thank all who helped me collecting and writing
it down, spread the word and gave feedback.

Thirdly from now on you can also report bugs in
the wiki (about wrong content etc.) In Bugzilla
choose product:=gimp-web and component:=wiki.gimp.org.

Last but not least I have some more ideas on how
to make the wiki a useful central point of information
for all contributors. I've collected them here:

We can discuss them from now on and realize the
good parts after the LGM.
Thank you in advance for your feedback and ideas.

Kind regards,


[developer wiki]:

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