[Gimp-developer] GSoC, call for mentors


It appears that I've got myself into administrating GSoC this year,
with schumaml being backup admin :)

I know that Jehan was interested in being a mentor, and I guess that
mitch will be joining the fun, but I'm not sure that the idea of
meta-mentors will be seen by Google all that appealing. So I'd like to
get a better understanding where we stand:

1) who is willing and will realistically be able to do the job of a mentor;
2) who is willing and will realistically be able to stick around and
be a backup mentor.

Here's the GSoC timeline for you to check against your personal one:

Just in case, we will be accepting project ideas for both GIMP and GEGL.

An official announcement that we are submitting an application to
participate at GSoC again will be sent later.


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