[Gimp-developer] Help for wacom bamboo PAD

Hello everybody, I'm Vincenzo Mazzone, i'm italian so, sorry for my
english, i've bought the bamboo PAD with digital stylus, the stylus was
described on the resellers websites that it have 512 pression points and
the wacom website tells about pression-sensibility:
pity that the function doesnt work becouse wacom don't want to realase
drivers! On MAC it works fine (i've read on web) but on windows doesn't
work with pressure, BUT some programs can use the sensibility, for example:
ArtRage and Bamboo Page (a wacom app for Win 8) so, can you make the
compatibility wit GIMP? because it'a real fraud, and you with your
fantastic program can resolve the problem and put "it" in that place to
wacom! I attach this link:
http://forum.wacom.eu/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=16042it's a wacom forum,
that explane how wacom reasoning...the touchpad have
the potential, but they don't want to we use it! Please help we!

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