[Gimp-developer] Some blend modes break in unbounded mode sRGB

For Lighten only, Darken only, Multiply, Divide, and some of the other blend modes, results are *highly dependent* on the color space in which the blending is done. Removing clipping code doesn't fix the problem.

If the artist uses any of the color-space dependent blend modes:

* Editing an image in a large gamut color space such as ProPhotoRGB produces one set of colors.

* Converting the image to unbounded mode sRGB before editing it necessarily produces different colors - sometimes very different colors.

For concrete examples showing how Lighten only and Darken only are color-space dependent, see http://ninedegreesbelow.com/gimpgit/unbounded-srgb-lighten-darken.html

Can this problem be fixed? Is there a workaround such that an image can be converted from its source color space to unbounded mode sRGB, and then use the color-space dependent blend modes to produce the same colors that would have been produced if the image had been edited in the source color space instead of in unbounded mode sRGB?

Elle Stone

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