[Gimp-developer] Next minor release?


About the broken font support, which was simply in the end
fontconfig's configuration which kept some absolute path from the
Linux where it was cross-compiled from, I think it is a pretty broken

It was the reason of why italic/bold could not be simulated anymore in
2.8.6 for Windows.

That's still an ok bug because I think most fonts have bold/italic
faces anyway. But after testing, I could confirm that the bug where
"Sans" was using a Serif-ed font, which is already much more annoying,
is also the same.

And probably a few other bugs on fonts (reported already or not).

Also we have a bunch of fixes in gimp-2-8 branch anyway, and it is
soon 4 months since 2.8.6. Maybe it is a good time to make a minor
release? I feel like there is no much reason to delay bugfix releases.
Do we have an accurate policy on minor releases?


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