[Gimp-developer] Search Action dialog feature

Hello Peter,

Some time ago, a contributor developed a very interesting feature,
allowing to search actions with natural language keywords

For instance, if you want to search a "blur" filter to apply to your
image, you could just type in "blur" and see a list of relevant
actions: for instance you'll find in the list the "blur / sharpen"
tool, but also the "Gaussian Blur", "Selective Gaussian Blur",
"Tileable Blur", "Circular Motion Blur" filters, and even "Difference
of Gaussians..." (because it does a difference of 2 gaussian blurs!).

No need to search in infinite menus and submenus. If you know a common
natural language keyword, you can just search for it, which also makes
it even easier for users of other software who don't know in which
menu to look for which filter, but even for advanced GIMP users when
they know a filter's name but don't remember where to find it.
Such a search would be even localization-aware, since a French would
search for "flou" and a German for "weichzeich" instead of "blur".

In summary, the user could open the action search dialog (default
shortcut: '/') anytime, type a keyword, select the desired command in
the list and run it.

The original proposition has been largely improved, and is now in the
branch origin/tito on the GNOME git repository of GIMP.
Since I know you have a working development installation now, that
would be easy to check out, and test. Of course, if any question on
how to do so, do not hesitate to ask.

I have also written an exhaustive specification draft of the current

This specification details the search algorithm, and the GUI interaction.

We would appreciate a feedback from you, about this feature and the
user interaction.
Thank you very much!


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