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From: Maurizio Loreti <maurizio loreti gmail com>
Date: Sat, Nov 30, 2013 at 9:58 AM
Subject: OS X, GIMP 2.8.8-2.8.10: brush outline not displayed
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Hello, list - I have a severe problem that shows itself under OS X (10.9
"Mavericks") both with GIMP 2.8.8 and with 2.8.10; 2.8.6 behaves correctly.
 The problem happens both on my iMac and on my MacBook Pro.

I have installed on my computers the distribution "GIMP on OS X" by Simone
Karin Lehmann; I have alerted about my problem the maintainer of the
distribution, because it is probably due to a wrong interaction of GIMP
with OS X graphics.

Here is what happens: using the pencil tool (or the brush tool), with 2.8.6
I was used to see the outline of the brush shown on the GIMP canvas; that
was extremely useful since I was able to check the current size of the
brush on my screen, also while increasing/decreasing that size.  Now, I
cannot see the brush outline anymore.  And this happens with the
clone/healing tools too; I cannot see where the clone source will be set
(with cmd-click), nor where exactly the cloned zone will land on my image
(with left-click).

Maybe I am not so clear (english is my third language only); but I have
done two screen recordings, in the .mov format, the first one with 2.8.6
and the second one with 2.8.10; they are available for download on Google
Drive, and the link is:


In the first video you may see the brush outline (while I am using the
pencil tool and clone tool); in the second one, they are not visible.

Please, help; I know that I could downgrade to 2.8.6, but I would like to
see a current GIMP correctly working on my computer.


(@_   |

//\   | Maurizio Loreti - Retired physicist, happy grandfather

V_/_  | of two grandsons, wanderer and amateur photographer...

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