Re: [Gimp-developer] UI theme for GIMP

In my opinion a good addition to goals of this project would be optional
version of the theme with slimmer widgets in vertical space.
This would aid in situations when current sizes make user to scroll a lot
while working.


In Blender users can adjust DPI of the UI making widgets smaller or bigger
as they wish. Maybe something like that would be good option for solving
problem with different, too small or too big, screen resolutions?

If I can help by any means send me a note. I would try to be available on

2013/11/28 scl <scl gplus gmail com>


the topic to equip GIMP with a better UI theme has come up
from time to time and especially recently.

I have set up a wiki page for our work on this:
(conditional to find a better place).

Comments are welcome.

Kind regards,


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