Re: [Gimp-developer] UI theme for GIMP

El jue, 28-11-2013 a las 13:29 +0100, Przemyslaw Golab escribió:

In Blender users can adjust DPI of the UI making widgets smaller or bigger
as they wish. Maybe something like that would be good option for solving
problem with different, too small or too big, screen resolutions?

Using the DPI setting for changing the UI widgets and text is plain
wrong. The DPI selector should be used to set the right DPI for the
screen, so the UI looks consistent in different screen sizes (i.e.: No
tiny buttons on large, high resolution screens and no gigantic buttons
on old CRTs).
What Andrew Price suggested in his UI videos is a misuse of something
that was designed for a different purpose.

Of course, that doesn't mean a UI "scaling" factor can't be used. But I
think that we should be better ask our usability expert for
recommentation of real-world sizes for the UI elements based on the best
performance of readability and usability, so the default theme is
designed around it.

If a particular user wants larger buttons or dialogs, I think it falls
in the theme customisation territory. I don't think programs should
provide such specific features (that are, at the same time, unrelated to
the program's main goals). 


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