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This was replied to just me, so I'm forwarding it to the entire list.

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From: Andrew Pullins <android2772 gmail com>
Date: Thu, Nov 14, 2013 at 2:15 AM
Subject: Re: [Gimp-developer] GIMP Icons
To: Michael Henning <drawoc darkrefraction com>

You have not answered to the question. What version is it *exactly*?
The last is 2.8.8. Just "2.8" is not enough, there has been 4 minor
versions in 2.8. Please check the About of the program.

here are some comments form my DeviantArt


Works fine on Debian Wheezy / Gimp 2.8.x

Dark theme crashes on Ubuntu 12.04, but Light works fine.

light theme under Ubuntu 12.04 and Gimp 2.8.6 and it seems to work OK.
user did not mention the dark theme.

No problem for me with a fresh Ubuntu 13.04 install. Using GIMP 2.8.4,
though, it seems the 2.8.6 version isn't in the Ubuntu repos.
~Still works for me. I am now on Ubuntu 13.10 with GIMP 2.8.6 (was
2.8.4 when I tested the previous version).

White theme works for me (gimp 2.8.6 on arch linux), but the dark one
fails with:


windows 7 - GIMP 2.8.6, same problem dark crashses GIMP, light, icons
do not show
~ Sorry for the the delay, and sorry, no luck yet, maybe im doing
something wrong? windows 7 64 bit GIMP 2.8.6

I already tested it on Windows XP, but when I choose the dark theme,
GIMP crashes, and when I choose the light theme, doesn't show any
single icon.

Does anybody tested this on Windows NT 6.X?


The dark theme crashes on Mac (10.8.4) (GIMP 2.8.6)

Just for your information: if you open a terminal and just type "gimp"
there, it will start GIMP, with the output "linked" to the terminal.
So if ever you encounter error, they would be printed there.

Hmm.. well I will do that next time it crashes on me. but it does not
crash on me anymore.
 but the others still do. once I updated the theme I contacted them
and it still did I denoted that above by a "~".

There seems to be a lot of missing icons in your set, and more
problematic, several errors in the gtkrc.
So that may explain why it does not work well (or at all) for some
people (maybe it depends on the version of GTK+ installed). The best
on your side would be to fix at least the gtkrc.

 well I can see how I messed some icons, there are a lot. as for the
gtkrc I kinda just took a bunch of different themes mashed them
together and ctrl found colors till switching them out got the look I
wanted. I honestly have no idea what I'm doing with these themes. I
did not know there was anything wrong with the gtkrc and have no idea
where to start. I really wanted this to be a GMIP only theme, there
seems to be a lot of GIMIP themes out there that can be used for many
applications and there for have a lot of extra stuff that GIMP dose
not need.

In any case, if really GIMP crashes because of this, that's not
normal. It should not crash on wrong input. Could you please open a
bug report: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=GIMP

Then a developer (maybe me) will look into it when we have some time,
and we'll try to reproduce the crash.

 I will do so.

By the way, you have not answered this either: do you have any good
reproduction steps? You said in particular that some users have it
crash, other not. Do you know how to make it crash for sure? Maybe if
it is a GTK+ issue (highly probable if the crash happens during the
gtkrc parsing), could you tell us which version of GTK+ it is?
Put all the relevant information in the bug report please, as well as
an archive of your theme.

yes install my theme and see if it crashes GMIP :P I really am
confused about how the same theme can work on one OS and crash on
others. some people it crashes immediately, others it does not. some
the light theme works and others it dose not crash GIMP but none of my
icons show up.

I have no idea how to answer your GTK+ questions. All I know about GTK
is that its a desktop environment. again I just mashed some themes
together and prayed it worked. if your question is what version my
Ubuntu OS uses then I may be able to help, if you tell me how to find
that out.  if your asking what my users are using, what ever comes
with the windows and mac versions of GIMP I assume. if your asking
what version that gtkrc file is written under, then again I have no
idea. I do not even know what theme I originally took my gtkrc file

I am sorry I could not be more help, I have only just started using
Linux as my only OS. I am quite new at this.

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