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On Thu, Nov 14, 2013 at 12:54 AM, peter sikking <peter mmiworks net> wrote:
Jehan wrote:

Actually Mitch, our maintainer proposed something similar (see
So we could have a default of IMG_38210-1.jpg for instance.

please don’t.

there is two reasons that I am against tampering with this:

1) when using Export As... (new label), there are 3 things that
can be changed:

the location (say, directory), the name, the file type (extension)

2 out of 3 times, the name does not need changing.

2) the same ‘danger’ exists for Save As... but I think
we all manage quite well with that one.

Well, I feel that the "Save As..." is quite different, because we
don't touch the source data.
But anyway, ok. I'll close the ticket then.

Yes yes, I know that I'm not the target user and I probably will have to end
up using something like darktable or similar (even if I prefer geeqie for
browsing, directories for organizing and gimp for editing) but I want to


So you see! You are the target user! ;-)

no that is not what we are doing with this. it does not mean
that the non-savers are target users now.

That's not really what I said. :-) I feel there is not just 1 single
type of target users of GIMP, is more what I am saying. Anyway, just
some Free Software philosophy: Free Software is what their
contributors and users make of it. And that's more or less the way I
contribute to FOSS. So it's personal, and that's ok if others don't
agree. :-)

what we are doing is a renewed effort to take all the
friction out of the non-saving paths for as much as we
can (without throwing away the clear separation principle),
for the benefit of all users.

And I think that's pretty nice. :-)



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