Re: [Gimp-developer] Default file name for file-export action

Hi Jehan,

May I suggest leaving it as it is?
Just for information, nothing is decided yet. That's just a proposition from me.

Yes, I guessed, I just wanted to put some other use-case/requisite in the table before any decision was taken.
Actually Mitch, our maintainer proposed something similar (see
So we could have a default of IMG_38210-1.jpg for instance.
This one is fine by me too. Probably even better than "Untitled.jpg"
actually. Only thing I didn't like was that the default name was
*exactly* the same as the source in current code. So IMG_38210-1.jpg
is all good. Close but still different.
Yes, this would maintain my workflow as it is today, as long as it contains the original name is some way everything is OK, no usability loss there. (in my case with that "-1" suffix could even improve my workflow)
postpone that change as much as possible. So please, leave the Export path
for the "daredevil" users that do not want to be protected from ourselves,
you already have the save path with "Save" file actions.
Also I'd like to note something that you may have already seen on the
mailing list: there will now be from next release a simplified way to
close the image without saving: in the quit/close image dialog, you
can ctrl-d to "close without saving". It means that you can ctrl-w-d
for instance to close an image instantly without saving to XCF (or
ctrl-q-d to close the whole GIMP without saving).
I think that's a very nice change for all the users who use GIMP
without saving, just like you. :-)
So you see! You are the target user! ;-)

This feature will be welcome indeed :-)

And for Jehan, yes, is kind of weird to use "export" with the default name
set to the same of the one opened, but is meant to be "export from gimp"
which format is "xcf", so saving to any other format is actually exporting
it (if I understood correctly from previous emails in this list)
It is somehow true. But the "goal" of this distinction is not for the
sake of the distinction. It has a reason: preventing data
loss/destructive editing. So if the export dialog proposes by default
to overwrite the source file, well that's not really following the
concept, in my opinion.


For me, has no change since it already did alert the user with a dialog about overwriting, but I'm not against it either, since I already do change the name of the file.

Thanks for your attention and considering the needs of non-massive-xcf users! (even though I save to xcf when an editing take me more than 20 min, as I did in pre-2.8 gimps)


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