Re: [Gimp-developer] gimp-developer-list Digest, Vol 26, Issue 7

Hi people, I agree with Akkana.

"Export..." and "Export to" have poor User Interface- clarity. They don't
mentally distinguish very well, as I reported on the GIMP bugtracker it's
easy & common to select the wrong one since the process to distinguish them
involves too much mental negation.

For one thing, I'm still confused about the difference between Export...
and Export to
-- they seem to do the same thing even though one has a ... and the other
doesn't, they
have different shortcuts, and one of them isn't always available.

Part of the problem is how the menu-items are labelled (especially when no
file is selected, this is confusing), part of the problem may be how the
menu-items are ordered.

Cognitively it really doesn't seem to be good design.

And I can never remember in any given session which images can use
Overwrite versus which ones need an Export... or Export to, so I no
longer trust any save/export shortcut to be the right one, and
almost always end up going to the menus instead.

My position (and I'm pretty sure I'm objective here) is that even looking
at the menu, things are less than 100% obvious.

On another note, having some working shortcuts in the "Close" dialog to
Discard is great. Perhaps even better would be, to enable these to work
*without* needing a Ctrl-modifier key..


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