Re: [Gimp-developer] HELP with SYMBOLIC icon theme for Gimp.

On 3.11.2013 at 12:51 PM Jehan Pagès wrote:> Hello Jimmac,

my name is Jehan. I am a GIMP developer. We are considering releasing
the next major release of GIMP with an additional icon set, which goes
well with a darker theme. A contributor (jEsuSdA, in Cc) added the
missing icons and also made an alternate version which would go with a
lighter theme.

Two people with the same idea ;-) For completeness, here is the mail
I've sent to jimmac:

Hi Jakub,

I'm Sven Claussner and have been a GIMP contributor for ca. 1 year.
After we spoke in IRC on 30.9.2013 about using your Artlibre icon set
for GIMP, some questions on distributing it together with GIMP came up.
The plans are to create a dark UI theme together with an extended
version of the Artlibre icon set and distribute it as part of GIMP.

Our current problem is a license issue:
The GIMP code is mainly under GPLv3 and the icon set under CC-BY-SA3.
Looking at the [FSF licence list] I read that GPLv3 and
CC-BY-SA2 are mutually incompatible; with no notices about the
CC-BY-SA3. I asked the FSF for clarification and their point is,
that 'if the software is merely displaying the icons, could
just as well display any others, and doesn't rely on specific attributes
of those particular icons,' then there's no problem.
I'd say, that's clearly the case, but then the doubts arose if
this still applies if they are part of the compiled package
(IMHO especially in the cases when GIMP comes in an installer package).
The artist who created the extensions to the Artlibre icon set would
have no problem to license it under GPLv3.

You can also follow this [discussion] on the GIMP-developer mailing list.

Can you give us an answer on how to proceed now, please?
Is it safe or do we have or need the agreement of the ArtLibre creators
to ship it with GIMP?
Should I better bring up this topic on the GNOME desktop-devel-list?

I'd be grateful for your answer, preferably on the GIMP developer list.

Thank you in advance,


[FSF licence list]:


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