Re: [Gimp-developer] gimp gradients

yup, "painful" would be the right word.
Over time, i have just resorted to simple tools. When in need of a gradient I draw it by hand using brushes, 
size it and blur it. in other words I paint it and deal with it just like any other layer. much simpler and 
far less painful. This approach might not be for everyone, but it works for me. Being in interaction design 
myself, I have always thought "why do we have those clunky dialog windows for such a hand-on thing?" in the 
first place.

Aleksandar Kovač
Kyoto Institute of Technology

On 2013/03/10, at 23:10, rafał rush <camel rafal gmail com> wrote:

Gradients in gimp are very very painful thing. I love gimp and i used it a lot but gradients are nightmare. 
I see that you are making new tools and other stuff but the most important thing and the thing that all 
graphic designers using all the time is gradient. To make simple gradient i must do hundred clicks. 
Gradient window is weird and difficult for new user. Are you planing make gradient tool more user friendly?
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