[Gimp-developer] Improving pygimp documentation

I know that the documentation of pygimp itself is a bigger priority
than this, but I've been experimenting with a way to dynamically
generate the documentation for procedures based on the metadata that
they have. It automatically converts the parameters to the correct
python type (though admittedly that wasn't exactly that confusing),
makes sure that things fit nicely in the default python console (on
Windows at least), and most importantly makes the handling of the
run_mode keyword argument clearer. Aside from this is there a good way
to approach improving the documentation for pygimp? I know that the
documentation for gimpplugin is pretty scares and gimpui and gimpthumb
seem to have none at all, but at the same time there is documentation
for properties of things like Layer and Channel that are either
completely useless, or out of date.

Anyway here is the program that I propose be integrated into the python console:

--Sean Munkel

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