[Gimp-developer] Guidelines for plugin development (3d painting)


This is my first post and would like to discuss about my plugin.

I am planning to develop a system where gimp and my external opengl program can be used together as a simple
3d painting application.

gimp----->ImageBuffer------>opengl based external programm (python scripting)

When ever current image changes (brush strokes, filters etc.) it should send a signal to external program and external program
should read the buffer and do stuff.

q1. How do you send a signal to external program? (sockets? or ...)
q2. How external program access this buffer directly? I mean if possible without copying each time...

2. In this mode you set some brush and it's properties etc. and shift to external opengl app. from that app I'll send series of x,y
coordinates (in image resolution limits), where gimp should behave as a brush stroke is just been applied to image, at the same
time resulting image modification is also applied to external app.

This is the core part of my system and later everything will be build on top of this. I would really appreciate if gimp developers
could help me out and set me in right direction for practical implementation.

Best Regards

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