Re: [Gimp-developer] Export all

On 07/20/2013 02:21 PM, Akkana Peck wrote:
That is such a good idea that I wanted to dive in right away and
write it.

Jason Simanek writes:
That's fantastic!

I grabbed the code and tried it but it doesn't seem to do anything
on Gimp 2.8.4. Then I looked at the code for a minute and realized
that I do not understand how to write Python for Gimp.

Wish I could help!

Well, you certainly do need to know how to install a Python plug-in
in order to run it, of course. And you'd need to learn how to hack
Python plug-ins in order to modify it. So maybe this is a great
excuse to learn!

Googling finds several useful howtos and tutorials, e.g.


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