[Gimp-developer] GIMP python (pythonfu) plugin: How to include the PreviewArea from gimpui

Hello Gimp mailing list.

I am writing a plugin for Gimp. It works alright via the GIMP UI and
command line by registering it to gimp. But I would wish to offer also a
Preview area in the UI, and apparently it is not so easy to add the
PreviewArea from the gimpui python package to the input dialog.

Also it is kind of hard to find out who are the gimp python gurus and the
documentation is a bit patchy, therefore I would like to ask if people on
this list have written python plugins for GIMP including a little preview
thumbnail and but not decoupling the plugin from the command line.

It would be nice to have some (documented) python code available as
template. Thanks a lot for help and pointers!


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