Re: [Gimp-developer] Crowdfunding proposal

On 07/10/2013 11:22 PM, Abraham Levi Mireles Alvarez wrote:
Hello Gimp team
Crowdfunding proprosal
I am an artist and big fan of Gimp and the great job you have done so far with it.
Since many - if not most - of the replies to your query on the gimp-user list came from people also subscribing to the gimp-developer list, I hasten to suggest that you reread them --

And, to those who might also consider replying to Abraham, I hasten to suggest (in order to minimize repetition of a quite extensive conversation on this list) that you presume he has read and thought carefully about those comments but wishes only a somewhat more in depth and thoughtful response.

One key point I think that was emphasized in that earlier conversation was that general gimp improvement is every developers objective, and focusing on specific tasks makes crowdfunding more effective.

Reviewing the projects on kickstarter, one notes that the time of delivery is precise, the task is well defined and specified, and the donor's expected return is also precisely spelled out. This is the way a crowdfunding effort seems to me likely to be successful. And this specific information is contained eloquently and more expansively in that earlier gimp-user earlier conversation.

  -- Burnie

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