[Gimp-developer] Parallelization project (for students)

Dear GIMP developers,

we're a team of teaching assistants at KIT Karlsruhe. We'd like to offer
a hands-on parallelization course for master students of computer
science in the upcoming semester, and our idea is to teach
parallelization while actually parallelizing "real" software.

For this, we're looking for a suitable project - this is where GIMP
comes in: We're hoping that GIMP includes an image filter or some other
component that is more or less compute-intense and worth parallelizing.
We aspire to provide a contribution to GIMP in form of a working patch
that incorporates the parallelization we worked out.

Do you see a component in GIMP that would be suitable for us _and_ you?
(I am asking you because a) I am lazy and b) as a non-GIMP-developer, I
can't possibly have the insight you have or even remotely guess which
component might be suitable for us _and_ of use to you once it's

Thanks & regards

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