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Alexia wrote:

so you can guess my new motto: ‘from the first week we start
building the real thing.’

Developers work in iterations. When you start you have a vague idea of what its going to be, a goal, but 
you never know how it will make sense to reach that goal in the end. So you iterate, without polish and 
beauty you make a draft, test, make sure the framework is solid, etc and then go over it again. At some 
point you run into a fundamental issue and need to discard a lot of the underpinnings and the code above up 
to and including UI concepts.

I am all for making UI from rough to polished. after an initial
analysis phase (which takes place in the first 20% of my work)
I can guide this, rough to polished, from the first week of
implementation, because I know exactly what we have to achieve
and where we have to go. the throwing away of non-working
UI concepts happens on my piece of paper, not in code written
at much greater expense (in time and motivation).

but you (I mean: all GIMP devs) have to let me guide you.

you have to accept and trust that I can ‘see’, ‘feel’ and judge a
UI idea/concept in a minute without it ever existing in code
or even a drawing. that I am able to tell you how it will work,
for users, three months after the release of the software.
that I can separate 977 bullshit UI ideas from the 3 that will
work, and concentrate us on making the best out of them.

you have to let me guide you and at this moment there is, I believe,
no developer at GIMP anymore that lets him or herself be guided.

It also means that you do not wish to spend time polishing things that might get discarded - the work goes 
from rough to good - from general to specific and in an ideal world, so would UI and interaction design. It 
would start off as rough guidelines and complete in a finished product... Sofar, we have tried to make it 
work in reverse - that the UI/interatcion is fitted on top of a ready bit of code like a mask. And in my 
personal experience... That does not work.

I am happy you say that. it is encouraging.

UI is not a skin/decoration of back-end code. UI is the realisation of
the product, in this case the GIMP project. A lot of needs from
product, technology and users put a lot of requirements on the UI,
which I juggle in the design of it.

you notice that technology is only 1/3rd of the picture; of my puzzle.

and by my experience, the UI design has also an impact on
~33% of the back-end code. if developers refuse to harmonise this
back-end code with the UI design (as happens now) then the devs are
implicitly shaping the UI...

It creates frustration for both sides, because we cant get the mask to fit and you feel that we disrespect 
your work... And that is truly unfortunate, because we really really need your insights and input and I 
personally believe it's of most use when it is given in form of concepts, rules, insights and diagrams 
rather than ready made bitmap expectations of how it would have to look...

I am happy to develop and tune new methods of working, but
it starts with trust.


        founder + principal interaction architect
            man + machine interface works on interaction architecture

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