[Gimp-developer] Gimp color management related bug reports

I did some bugzilla searching to locate the open bug reports that deal
with Gimp color management, as part of putting together an overview of
how Gimp color management works (and doesn't work) from a user's

I didn't want to post a bunch of bug report comments without checking
with the developers on what/whether/how/proper procedure/etc. So I
posted what I found here:

Of the 22 open bug reports that I found, it seems to me that possibly
5 or so bugs could be closed for one reason or another; four
CMYK-related bugs could be moved to the existing CMYK tracking bug;
four "extend color management" bugs could be consolidated under one
tracking bug; and the 4 DCF-related bugs could be consolidated under
one tracking bug.

With regard to the DCF-related bug (camera jpegs with embedded color
space information that isn't in the form of an ICC profile), I've
started very preliminary checking into how other floss image editors
handle that problem.

Kind regards
Elle Stone

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