Re: [Gimp-developer] Ways to improve Gimp 2.9 performance

Does this mean Gimp and gegl would be competing for my meagre 4gb of
ram? I didn't know gegl wrote cache files. Where does gegl write its
cache files?


Yes it will limit you to available ram for the image buffers; but if you're in a circumstance where you would actually need cache for a single image you'll already be in a lot of pain with the current GEGL code.

When compiling Gimp, would any of the following compile options speed
things up while using Gimp? --without-libexif --without-aa
--without-libxpm --without-libmng --without-wmf --without-webkit
--without-librsvg --without-poppler --without-print --without-gvfs
--without-alsa --without-mac-twain --disable-gtk-doc
--without-script-fu --disable-python  --without-dbus
--without-linux-input  --without-hal

And while I'm asking questions, what is the "Linux Input Controller
module"? Does it have anything to do with tablet support (I use a

Sorry to be asking so many questions! I've been using Gimp a lot in
the last couple of weeks and liking it more and more and more, except
for the speed of execution. So I'm trying to figure out what the
options are for improving performance.

Nothing you can do at configure time is going to give you a meaningful performance improvement.

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