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Add me on this request.

Even if you don't generate several texture from a single xcf, you often have a layer with the unwrapped 3D model layout, that you forget to disable every time before exporting.

2013/2/24 Alexandre Prokoudine <alexandre prokoudine gmail com>
On Sun, Feb 24, 2013 at 4:09 PM, peter sikking wrote:

> meanwhile, I am looking for a new small design project
> to put before my students in a months time. any ideas.

It seems that folks who create textures for 3D projects really want us
to build advanced features on top of the new save/export model.

One such feature is mentioned in the GSoC2013 page: being able to
export/overwrite from sets of layers.

Quoting an artist:

"It's quite common for texture artists to work with multiple parts of
a texture in the same file. They may for instance have diffuse, spec
and bump all in one xcf or psd file, then they change the visibility
settings of the different layers or layer groups, to save out each
texture type. Being able to define sets, and give them a path and file
format to save to would be quite handy, as once that is set up, you
could literally write out all the different parts of you texture at
the push of a button."

I've heard this request from 2 or 3 people. That is not a significant
sampling, but the feature will be handy to at least two more groups of

- web designers (keep design variations in a single file, export all)
- photographers (use global mask for different processing variations,
export all variations to different files)

Alexandre Prokoudine
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