Re: [Gimp-developer] What about RAW files?

On Tue, Feb 12, 2013 at 7:33 AM, Patrick <pjmason acsalaska net> wrote:
> I was very impressed with damn near every aspect of this product/application
> until I decided to see how it worked as a possible supplement/replacement
> for Photoshop.  Everything worked fine until I attempted to load a RAW tiff
> out of my camera.  12MB shrank to a very distorted approx. 600k... with no
> options that I could find.  I realize there could be an enormous impact of
> proprietary RAW  conversion issues and maybe that's why your application
> does not/can not 'see' my RAW files.  I find it incredibly amusing that GIMP
> would go 99% of Adobe Photoshop and then stop with no RAW file support.  If
> there is no RAW support, add-on or otherwise, GIMP seems a bit overkill as a
> 'general' graphics/photo editor.  Please tell me I overlooked it.  Very,
> very well done though... what a labor.  With RAW file processing, I could
> support such an endeavor. wow.
> pjmason, Ph.D.
> Juneau, AK

There's RAW support in the UFRaw plugin. You can also use a separate
program for RAW conversion (stand-alone UFRaw, rawstudio, darktable,
photivo, raw therapee). In the future GIMP should hopefully have good
RAW support out of the box.

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