[Gimp-developer] Google Summer of Code 2013 program announced


Google announced Summer of Code 2013 program. In a nutshell, if you
are a student, you can work on a free software project like GIMP
during the coming summer and get paid for it ($5000). Here's the
program's homepage: http://bit.ly/14O8Oud.

We have a positive experience participating at the program. Some very
important features were implemented during past GSoCs: 5 new tools,
hardware acceleration in GEGL, resource tagging etc. So we'll try to
join the program again.

If you are eligible (you can check the FAQ at http://bit.ly/12abTGA),
please start talking to us about possible participation. This is to
our mutual benefit:  we'll get to know you better and be able to make
a fair judgment during the voting for students, and you'll get a
better understanding of GIMP and GEGL internals and the scope of your
future work.

We also made an initial list of project ideas:


If you have an idea of your own and you are willing to work on it
during GSoC, please tells us about it. Primary communication channels
for all GSoC discussions are gimp-developer@ mailing list and #gimp
channel at GIMPnet (http://www.gimp.org/irc.html).

Alexandre Prokoudine

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