[Gimp-developer] mouse cursor in Flip tool (was: Image Horizontal Flip)

Ãn data de Fri, 8 Feb 2013 09:01:35 -0500, Partha Bagchi a scris:

> Something seems have to gone haywire with the horizontal flip.

I'm not sure what is the reported problem in original post (in Win64
stable 2.8.4 it appears to work ok, but perhaps I don't know the
setps to reproduce), but I noticed other thing related to the Flip tool:

- while in other tool, activate the Flip tool
- mouse cursor changes to a bidirectional arrow, H or V depending on
the radio button selection
- by pressing the Ctrl key, the actual H or V will flip to opposite
- expected: mouse cursor should also change accordingly
- actual: mouse cursor does not change; however, the action performs ok,
according to H or V selection
- right after first flip (either), the mouse cursor resuscitates and
now changes with the Ctrl key
- if I go to other tool and then come back to Flip tool, the mouse
cursor is again locked, etc.


Cristian SecarÄ

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