[Gimp-developer] hey guys

I know this looks like a spam message but it is not.

I tried to reach Corel tech support, failed! I found a mailing (yes hardcopy mails) address at the end of my research on their web page if we don't count the live sale support team who suggest me to buy €700 soft to get proper answers from tech line.

Then i tried mighty Adobe, actually they gave me a hope with their live tech support screen. I waited for 20 min. and still waiting while i am writing this to you guys! I guess i will wait more :P

Thats the reason i am sending a mail to developers of a GNU software which i strongly believe that much more busy than other two BIG companies developers.

I will send them screenshot of my inbox if i get respond from you guys. It is not for making fun of them. I just want to show those guys how a team looks helpful and successful from eye of a user/customer.

I am sorry if i disturb you and waste your time and also thank you very much for the things you gave and will give us, the people in all over world.

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