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On Thu, Dec 19, 2013 at 10:25 AM, Onur <0nur gmx com> wrote:
I know this looks like a spam message but it is not.

I tried to reach Corel tech support, failed! I found a mailing (yes hardcopy
mails) address at the end of my research on their web page if we don't count
the live sale support team who suggest me to buy €700 soft to get proper
answers from tech line.

Then i tried mighty Adobe, actually they gave me a hope with their live tech
support screen. I waited for 20 min. and still waiting while i am writing
this to you guys! I guess i will wait more :P

Thats the reason i am sending a mail to developers of a GNU software which i
strongly believe that much more busy than other two BIG companies

I will send them screenshot of my inbox if i get respond from you guys. It
is not for making fun of them. I just want to show those guys how a team
looks helpful and successful from eye of a user/customer.

I don't really understand your point. Are you asking for help on
something? Or you are just asking for a fast answer without actual
question? Because to be honest, I doubt that fast for fast is much
meaningfull, and I would not resent a company for having a support not
answering "in the hour", as long as they answer well. This said, no
idea if these companies answer well, but just saying that's likely not
the right way to compare support.

Last point, here this is not support. GIMP has no "support" in the way
as a company would mean it. GIMP has a community, made of disparate
developers and users. So you may get extremely deep answers and
discussions, as you may sometimes get absolutely no answers (and
sometimes trolls). This last point is sometimes because none knows the
answer, is interested in the topic, or simply the interested people
did not read or cared to answer, because there is absolutely *no

So that's cool that you like GNU software, but honestly, I'm really
not sure than wanting absolutely to "compete" with other proprietary
software this way is the most efficient way to help.
Also I think they won't care much of whatever you'll show them.

This said, you are free. :-) I don't say this against your initiative.
I just think that's the wrong fight. But if you're willing to
continue, well you've got your answer now! uhuh

I am sorry if i disturb you and waste your time and also thank you very much
for the things you gave and will give us, the people in all over world.

No prob. And you are welcome. :-) But I fear that you are the one
wasting a little of your time by comparing what can't be. Unless I
misunderstood your goal.
Anyway, enjoy!


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