[Gimp-developer] Question about fixes on your 2.8.10 release

Hi Simone,

We have a user in GIMP who says he encountered a bug which prevented
him to paint along selection/path on OSX with our 2.8.10 build.

But he says that he does not have this bug on your 2.8.10 build.
Since I can't see what this can be about (this seems to be a different
bug as the brush outline thingy), thus whether we fixed it or not, I
was wondering if you know about this bug. Is it something you fixed on
your build and that we would still have in our tree maybe? If so,
would you please provide us with the patch? I don't see a new patch
for such a bug in your subversion repository.

If not, well I don't know. Has anyone experienced such a problem with
our build on OSX?
Thanks a lot.


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