[Gimp-developer] M$ partners claim, they own property rights to GIMP


Gimp users in Poland have some strange problem: when we leave gimp
installation files on publicly accessible file sharing services - they
are removed because of "copyright laws".

In our filesharing service "chomikuj.pl", gimp-2.4.2-i686-setup.exe
was removed due to complain from Microsoft partner: Marketly.com
This company claims that file gimp(...)setup.exe violates rights of
microsoft corporation. It looks like bigger coordinated action. Amount
of targeted free software suggest that this is not done by mistake but
rather it is a deliberate action.

I believe that Microsoft do not own any rights to Gimp, am i wrong?
Would You like to help Polish Gimp users in resolving this problem.

Yours respectful
Dominik Tabisz

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