Re: [Gimp-developer] M$ partners claim, they own property rights to GIMP

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Never presume malice where stupidity would be sufficient.

I wish You were right Alexandre. Nevertheless harassment of users just
because they use competitor product is still harassment.

Microsoft doesn't really have a product that competes with GIMP, unless
you consider something like "Paint" a competitor.  Adobe might have a
reason to not want GIMP on Windows, but that's a lot less true of

Also, didn't the original message indicate that the copyright complaint
was against "setup.exe"?  In other words, isn't it possible that the
actual complaint (valid or not) is against the installer, not the GIMP?

I find this kind of legal bullying incredibly frustrating; if some entity
is going to claim infringement, they should at least have to give some
indication of what they believe the infringement is.  It's possible that
they *did* give that information and it just wasn't passed on by the
file serving companies, but it's hard to know what to even do without
knowing what the complaint is.

Could this issue be brought to the FSF or EFF legal team, to see if they
can make progress on it?

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