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On Apr 16, 2013 12:49 PM, "Boudewijn Rempt" <boud valdyas org> wrote:

On Tue, 16 Apr 2013, Alexia Death wrote:


      Brushpacks should not be mixed: so no mypaint brushes and gimp brushes in one brushpack.

Why this restriction

To make life easier for users. We discussed this a lot, but creating a brush pack that contains, for instance, both Krita and MyPaint brushes wasn't seen as desirable.

and why different internal formats

I'm not getting this question -- the formats are there because that's how applications define their brushes. Mypaint's .myb format is different from Krita's .kpp and Gimp's .gdyn.

 and why such a complicated create folder format?

Hm... What do you consider the complications? Basically, it's just the equivalent of the way the create spec stores patterns, brushes, gradients etc. in separate directories, extended to allow new brush types that are not in create, like kpp, myb etc.

It would
be very simple to have a pack& create forder structure that allows for both mixed packets and for each app only
handle what it can/need...

something along the lines of:
/coolpack-cutes/shared/* - resources in common formats - svg, png, gif, whatever, as long as the format isnt app
specific, pehaps subfoolders by resource intended use...

I'm not really seeing right away the improvement that adding a "shared" directory level gives above having the common resources in their already defined create directory names.

/coolpack-cutes/mypaint/* -stuff in mypaint format, acceptable to mypaint and dictated by mypaint
/coolpack-cutes/gimp/* - stuff in gimp format, following gimp resource structure, subfolders for brushes,
dynamics, etc
/coolpack-cutes/krita/*- stuff in krita format that only krita can understand

and same structure in create/ resource folder.

So, if  gimp starts supporting mypaint, all it needs to do, is dig into shared mypaint resources in create. Same
goes for krita and for say mypaint getting a brush engine that lets it read gimp resources...

If I get you correctly, you'd prefer to copy a gradient or pattern that is used by a brush into the create-defined location for gradients or patterns? We decided against that because those gradients or patterns (or even the brush tips themselves) are only packaged because they belong to a particular brush and shouldn't be automatically made available as a shared gradient or pattern.

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